Tissue Damage on Cheek and Jowl After Laser Lipo

I had tissue damage on cheek jowl area following Laser Lipo. I had Laser Lipo 5 weeks ago on my chin and jowl. My right cheek jowl area looks pitted and spotty. In my opinion, it looks like I have some tissue damage or possible burns.

How common is this and is the tissue damage permanent? What can I do? I had perfect skin prior to the Laser Lipo now my skin looks awful.

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Laser Liposuction

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This is not common and hopefully is just some minor bruising.  I would visit with your Dr. and express your concerns and seek clarification of the issues.

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Time is probably your only option

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Without seeing a photo of you, it sounds as though there isn't anything you can do other than massage the area and give it several months of time and see what the final end result is at about 6 months. Hopefully your doctor is suitable attentive to all your needs and will work with you to a better outcome if one is possible.

Time is probably the best remedy

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There may not be alot of options. Certainly there are no readily available interventions off the top of my head that could provide you with immediate correction,

You may want to seek out other opiniions but It is my general impression that time may be your best option.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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