Tired of Getting the Run Around. I Am Looking for the True Cost of Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Basically I've been trying to do a lot of research. Emailing doctors and all. Its getting really frustrating. 5'3,115, deflated size b. I know everything else about these implants. I am looking for the newer cohesive Allergan Style 410 implants. I want to know does anyone have a good surgeon to suggest. Please include cost.Location doesn't matter. All the surgeons in Dallas,tx are way to high. Thanks

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410 implants

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Try Dr. Mark Jewell in Eugene, Oregon....He has a very large experience as well with these implants...

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True Gummy Bear Implants are not yet FDA Approved

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The true gummy bear or cohesive silicone anatomic breast implants are not yet available for use in the US. The advantage of this implant for cosmetic use is unclear. They are very firm and require a larger incision. The gummy bear implants may be better applied to the reconstructive patient. I would recommend a smooth round silicone gel breast implant that is placed under the muscle. I hope this helps. Dr. Trussler

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Concerned you are straying from the path to a safe, lovely result

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Hi there-

There are many excellent plastic surgeons in Dallas... I would be concerned that with travel costs added, you will not find a responsible, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who would offer the same quality and care for less.

In other words, if you shop for a lower price, you will eventually find it- but will almost assuredly also receive lower safety and quality of care/outcome.

I know of no greater mistake patients make than to look for a price.

Please search for a surgeon who can keep you safe and offer you the lovely outcome you desire. Years from now when you're still healthy and enjoying this lovely outcome, the difference in cost will not make a difference to you- whereas the money you save by shopping for a low price will seem ridiculous to you if you still are unhappy with your appearance after a lower-priced surgeon operates on you. Always look for quality first.

Tired of Getting the Run Around. I Am Looking for the True Cost of Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

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Can not really see the poorly posted photo. But Dr Tebbetts is in Dallas, see him, he is a true expert in breast implants

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