Tips to Reduce Swelling? I'm 1 Week Post Op

I am a teenage male that just had a rhinoplasty 7 days ago. I hope you guys can answer a few questions that I have 1) I still have pain around the nose and it just feels really really weird. when can I expect (generally) the pain to decrease? 2)I worry that if I touch or smile too much, my nose will readjust. Can this happen? 3)My doctor said I can resume cardio in a week..and lifting 3 weeks post op. What are some effects that I could have if I exercise too early or too much before its healed

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Tips to Reduce Swelling? I'm 1 Week Post Op

    There will not be a way to reduce the time to your final result.  The best thing you can do is recover for about 2 weeks, and then start resuming more regular activities.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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There is not much the patient can do to reduce swelling over the long-term after rhinoplasty.

The healing process is genetically governed there is little the patient can do to hasten the process. Avoidance of trauma to the nose is self-evident. Avoiding a dependent position for prolonged periods of time will help briefly.

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