What Are Some Tips for Flying over 8 Hrs After Liposuction??

i live in hawaii and i will be flying over to miami for surgery >_< i WILL be staying there for 10 days- im just worried about the blood clots =( what do i need for the plane ride and what will help me be comfortable? and what CAN i do to prevent much blood clots...and what happens IF i do develop blood clots [symptoms and treatment] ??? please help!

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Travel and recovery after liposuction

Patients need appropriate recovery after cosmetic surgery procedures.  Speak to your plastic surgeon in depth regarding your surgery and recovery and ask him whether it is appropriate to undergo lengthy travel on the same day as a liposuction. Much depends on whether the procedure is done under local or general anesthesia.

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Blood clots after Liposuction

Just like any other surgery, Liposuction also carries risks of blood clots and those can be dangerous. it is my recommendation to discuss your travel plans in depth with your surgeon before you embark on this journey. U have asked a very important and a specific question which is best answered by your surgeon, especially regarding prevention of clots. Good luck!

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Blood clots and flying

This is a legitimate concern.  Blood clots are a scary prospect in any surgical procedure.  This is the one complication in plastic surgery that truly can be deadly. You have chosen to have your surgery many miles away from home and will be flying a significant distance.  Surgery itself is a blood clot (DVT) risk and travel of 8 hours is a risk.  While most of the risk is in the early days right after surgery you still certainly have some risk at 10 days.  Perhaps you should speak with your surgeon about the possibility of prophylactic blood thinners.  You will need to get up and down and move on the plane frequently.  Talk to your surgeon about potentially wearing compression stockings on the flight.  What precautions is he/she taking during and after the surgery.  Surgeons often blood thinners these for many types of surgical procedures.  I certainly use Lovenox in many patients who are at risk.  You also should have some sort of setup for followup when you return home.  Have you spoken to your regular physician?  Would they be willing to manage you if you have a complication?  This isn't something you should take for granted as many docs will "not get involved."  Is there a local plastic surgeon willing to assist in follow-up?  I doubt that one doc is going to want to be responsible for another doctors complications and results if you have a problem.  This is the problem with traveling long distances such as this for surgery.  My best advice is to communicate with your plastic surgeon and discuss this risk to see if he/she believes you should take blood thinners and what he/she would tell you to do in an emergency.

Good luck!

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