Tips for a Speedy Recovery from Lypo.? I Am on Day 1

Tips for a Speedy Recovery from Lypo.? I Am on Day 1

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Liposuction recovery

After liposuction, the best things that you can do to help speed up recovery are 1) wearing your garment, 2) elevating the treated areas when at rest, 3) keeping up with activity to keep your body moving, 4) limiting alcohol and salty foods which may increase swelling, 5) stretching the treated areas.


Good Luck.

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Post op lipo recovery

Wear your garment, get some rest, feet elevated when you are not walking around, keep taking prescribed medication, avoid eating lots of salty foods to minimize swelling and patience. Good luck. Keep looking at the change in your figure. That improvement will carry you through the recovery. Good luck

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
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