Tip Swelling 3 Months Post-septorhino, Grafting to the Tip and Columella but No Bones Broken?

swelling has gone down quite a lot to the point where the tip doesnt look wide or bulbous anymore, but still looks much too 'full' for my liking, esp in the columella region. does adding cartilage graft cause more swelling localized to the area where the graft is placed? i am hoping that the columella will shrink up, and the tip shrink inwards, not only for it to get narrower. does that sound reasonable? also how to tell if what im seeing is scar tissue, swelling, or the graft itself?

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Tip swelling 3 months after rhinoplasty

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As you can see from other posters' questions and the doctors' answers, tip swelling after rhinoplasty is quite common.  It can mask final results.  It is impossible to predict exactly how/when these changes will occur, and what the final results will look like.  Only your surgeon knows exactly what was done, and even then, healing can take unpredictable turns.  The only thing we know is that it will probably change through the entire first year (and sometimes beyond).  Hope this helps...

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