Can tip shortening be reversed? (Photo)

Originally I just had a hump removed after I broke it. She didn't put a cast on, I swelled so much that the cartlidge from my right side moved to the left. I got it fixed and the doctor told me he shortened my tip. Can this be reversed? He left my nasal bone completely crooked which was one of two things I asked him to correct. So basically it was like going in to have work done on my thumb, and he worked on my pinky. My refined tip is now gone, and so is it's dimple. Can this be reversed?

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Reversing Nasal Tip Shortening

Despite providing a history of your nasal trauma and surgery as well as pictures of your nose you need to be examined to determine what is necessary to restore normal anatomy and function. Select a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

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Reversal of tip shortening.

Reversal of tip shortening can be done and u should see a very experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon for this but wait until 9-12 months post op. 

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