Does Tip Rotation Go Down and Inward with Swelling Decreasing?

I had a tip projection and rotation done May 21st, on May 26th I had the splint and bandages removed, and today is May 29th and I am very concerned. I know it is still early, but I feel like my tip is way too high up, how much more it will rotate down?

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Post-op Changes in Tip Rotation

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Eight days after rhinoplasty surgery, swelling frequently causes the nose to look over-rotated. Pre-operatively, I always warn my patients about the possibility of this temporary appearance. Be pattient and share your concerns with your surgeon.

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tip rotation go down and inward with swelling decreasing

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WAY TOO EARLY to tell or even respond to your concerns. Please see your surgeon ASAP. I would wait at least 6 weeks. But you may have a real issue of "over resection".


Tip changes and Swelling after Rhinoplasty

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8 days after your procedure, your nose looks nothing like it will in the end. Try not to be concerned.

If basic tip work was done, then it usually will look a little high. If grafting was done to help lift it, then it will look even higher. If septal work was done for breathing purposes, then it will look even higher.

I always warn my patients that this will happen. Usually, the week after the tape and cast comes off the nose drops a lot. However, some people take longer.

Give it more time, things will definintely change.

Best of luck.

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