Tip Rhinoplasty?

Im 17 i have a bulbous nose tip i hate it and it really is something that brings me down. How much would an tip rhinoplasty cost and is there anything that could help me with the cost ? i live in Allentown PA are there any doctors that could help me with this ?

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Tip Rhinoplasty

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  The bulbous tip is a common complaint, and this is fixed routinely in rhinoplasty.  A complete exam will be needed to determine what corrective measures will be employed to get the result you seek.

Bulbous tip, nasal contour

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I am not as familiar with the surgeon's in Allentown but there are numerous qualified surgeon in Philadelphia.  I would consider seeing Dr. Daniel Becker.  A bulbous tip can sometimes camouflage other nasal abnormalities and can only occasionally be addressed in isolation without addressing the nasal dorsum or the width of the nasal pyrimid.  Each portion of the nose must blend with the adjacent segments in order to achieve improvement and preserve a natural, non-surgical appearance.

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