Is a tip rhinoplasty relevant in my case?

I have a low bridge and a round tip. From the side, the round tip sticks out a tiny bit more than the bridge (imagine a ski jump nose with a rounder tip). Will a tip rhinoplasty make the tip narrower from the front, and smooth out the difference in elevation between the bridge and tip?

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Tip Rhinoplasty

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A tip rhinoplasty will narrow the tip and improve definition of your "round " tip. You say that you have a low bridge, but I cannot see this in the frontal picture. Discuss augmentation of the bridge with your surgeon - this may not be your goal but consider all alternatives. Regardless, the tip can be changed so it is in good position relative to the projection of your bridge.

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Tip rhinoplasty is a good choice in a select number of patients.

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You haven't submitted a profile view, but presuming your profile is satisfactory, you seem to be an excellent candidate for a "tip" rhinoplasty.  This operation will refine the tip, adding defintion, and in the process make it appear smaller.  Definitely a consideration.

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