Tip Rhinoplasty Post-op over Protrusion in a Specific Condition?

I have done an tip rhinoplasty, to hide a mid-line shadow in my nose tip,I didnn't want any change in my nose. My surgeon did only an inter-domal suture, and needed to approximate almost 4 mm width. In the lateral view the nose tip looks protruded as a whole compared to the upper osseous part of the nose.It looks like that the whole cartilaginous part is moved anteriorly and slightly superiorly, with the columellar part also moved a little inferiorly. It's 5 months post-op, what's your advice?

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Tip revision

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It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing your pictures – you should consider posting images showing your areas of concern

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Healing after rhinoplasty continues for 1-2 years.

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Your nose will continue to change as it heals for 1-2 years (and sometimes even longer).  Unless there is something clearly amiss from your initial surgery, 5 months is a little premature to jump into a revision surgery.  Follow up with your surgeon, discuss your concerns with her/him, and give your nose time to reach its final appearance.  

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