Tip Rhino Swelling Normal 2 Months Post Op

hi. i have an ethnic nose and i undrwent a in january 30th by 6th revision rhino to augment my nose from a bad past rhinoplasty. im happy with my brigde now. i asked for tip refinement with this operation. i would like to know if its normal to not see any change at this stage? will it refine over time. it doesnt feel or look swollon it just looks liek my nose but i want to know if itll change at all. will the bottom of the tip also raise a bit from profile view in time?

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Swelling after 6th rhino

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Very few patients have 6 rhinoplasties.The more youhave the more it swells and for a longer period.Change yor mindset . Remember the prayer of desiderata.

Revision rhinoplasty tip swelling

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I would suggest making a post operative appointment with your surgeon and discuss your concerns. With six revision surgeries you are bound to have swelling at this point of your recovery. How much surgery and what technique was used in your surgery is hard to determine via Internet without a operative report and photographs. Hopefully a proper appointment and some questions answered will ease your mind. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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