Anything I Can Do to Help Results from Tip Plasty?

I have a slightly bulbous tip and would like to fix it. it will be especially difficult as I have an oily thick nasal skin. I heard that this can cause bumps in the cartilage that will ultimately make the tip appear larger. Is there anything to prevent this from happening, Like accutane or steroids?

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Tip-plasty and patients with thick oily skin

A thick bulbous tip is certainly an acceptable reason to undergo a rhinoplasty. Tip reduction techniques such as interdomal and intradomal suture techniques can be performed. A partial removal of some of the cartilage from the tip is also performed at the same time. This will not make the tip appear larger, only smaller. Post operative cortisone injections to the nasal tip will help manage the amount of swelling thick oily skin is prone to. 

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Thick Skin Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Thick skin poses certain challenges different from think skin patients. The nasal tip generally appears softer, rounder, and less defined in thick skin noses despite having rhinoplasty surgery. Nasal tip swelling may last longer making the tip appear bulbous. Some cosmetic surgeons use steroids to help decrease swelling. Most importantly, follow the pre and post care instructions of your plastic surgeon to maximize the results of your rhinoplasty. Best of luck.

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Impact of Thick, Oily Skin on Nasal Tip Surgery

Thick oily skin is a challenge in nasal tip surgery. Pre-surgical treatment of the skin is sometimes beneficial. Many people with thick skin have soft underlying cartilages,  which makes it necessary to add cartilage to provide strength  and enhance definition. You see, there are alternative approaches. Find a surgeon who will show you good results in patients similar to you.

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Rhinoplasty in Patient with Thick Oily Skin

Hi Michelle,

Rhinoplasty (tiplasty) in patients with thick and oily skin is more challenging because subtle changes to nasal tip cartilages cannot be perceived through the thick skin.  Therefore it is often necessary to use nasal septal cartilage grafts judiciously to create a well shaped tip.  The "bumps" that you have heard about may be the result of poorly constructed cartilage grafts.  Accutane may help with oily skin, but if used before surgery, then surgery must be delayed 6 to 12 months after it is stopped.  Steroids are often times used post-operatively to decrease swelling.  In the hands of an experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon you should get excellent results from rhinoplasty.

Choose your rhinoplasty surgeon most carefully.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Results from tip plasty

Your concern needs in person attention. So seek the consultation of 3 boarded surgeons in your area with these concerns.

Best of luck from MIAMI DR. B

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