I Had Tip Plasty but Now my Nostrils Look Very Uneven, Should I Consider Revision?

I am few days after getting a tip plasty and I am terrified of what I see. In general, I asked to have a hanging columnella fixed and bulbous tip reduced. My nose appears to be like a large, fat triangle (flat cross the bottom but wider than i remember) and the nostrils are completely uneven-one is box like the other is round. The area between lip and nose is too high (like monkey). The tip appears to be crooked. There is nothing good about what I see. At what point should I be real concerned?

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I Had Tip Plasty but Now my Nostrils Look Very Uneven, Should I Consider Revision?

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No, no...a few days after a Rhinoplasty the nose is swollen and you most likely have tape and a cast on the nose.  All of these combined with the unknown of post-op Rhinoplasty course may be causing you to freak out but now's not the time to do so.  IMHO, you should relax and just allow yourself to heal.  You'll have plenty of time to see the final result and at any time during the post-op course ask your Rhinoplasty surgeon these questions. 

Asymmetric Nostrils for Rhinoplasty

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Hi ShellyMD,

Discuss your concerns with you plastic surgeon, if you haven't already. Generally, swelling in the nose after rhinoplasty may make the nose appear asymmetric in the early healing period. While most swelling resolves with the first couple weeks, rhinoplasty swelling will lasts months/years. Four days after surgery is too early to make any final judgments. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can your rhinoplasty surgeon help determine appropriate options for you.

Too early for revision rhinoplasty

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At only a few days post op, one really cannot make a judgement as to your final outcome.  However, there should be a general improvement in the shape of your nose.  So, if you are not pleased with what you see, you should definitely ask your surgeon's opinion.  Some conditions such as hematorma, or severe swelling may cause some of the findings that you describe.  I will often institute taping of the nose especially at night time to help control the shape and edema.

Good luck to you.


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Uneven nose

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At this early in the game you need to talk to your surgeon about what he/she thinks is happening. It's too early to be thinking revision and you should at least wait 4-6 weeks before starting to make any judgements.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Post rhinoplasty, nothing looks good

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At what point should you become concerned? It sounds like you are quite concerned already and the flat across the bottom thing does not sound good. If nothing looks good to you, you can discuss things with your surgeon to see if he can reassure. However, if you are in an area with very skilled rhinoplasty surgeons, you could get another opinion as well. Most may tell you to wait.

Best of luck,


Uneven nostrils after rhinoplasty

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It is too early to be considering revision surgery. This soon after your rhinoplasty there may be asymmetric swelling. I'd discuss your concerns with your surgeon as that's who can give you better guidance regarding what you're seeing.

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