Tip Plasty with Alar Reduction?

Hi I have : quite long nose with a hump, really large alar base and bulbous and quite droopy tip. I don't want changes in the length nor the upper part of my nose,as it's a family inheritance and quite common in our family but i'm the only one with such bulbous and large tip.. I want to ask if i can do a alar reduction, rotation of the tip upward and some removal of cartilage of the tip without touching the upper part ( a non complete rhinoplasty) ? is that possible in my case ? Thank you !!

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While isolated tip and alar work can be performed, a proper evaluation of your nose is required.  It is best done in person.

Bulbous tip

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Hi there,


Your self assessment seems pretty accurate.  Hard to tell, but I suspect you have thick skin cover.

Really, whether is a "complete" or "non complete" rhinoplasty is not relevant or meaningful.  The best path forward is to research experienced rhinoplasty surgeons in your area, and be very articluate in what your goals are.  Then, whatever operative manoeuvres are needed to achieve that can be planned.  It makes no sense to tie one of your surgeons hands behind his or her back with procedure limitations that you define which have no real purpose.

Having said that, your plan seems valid, and it might well need no more than you suggest.


Good luck.

Bulbous Tip and Wide Nostrils

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In most nose cases (rhinoplasty) the nose should be treated as a whole. The major work would be in your tip and alae but the entire nose needs consideration for a uniform result.

Limited Rhinoplasty

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You can have a limited rhinoplasty with a tip plasty and alar reduction. Make sure you clearly describe your goals, as you did in this communication, during your consultation. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Tip-plasty with alarplasty

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A tip plasty with alarplasty can certainly be performed in a few select patients.  The tip plasty involves removal of excess cartilage and suturing the remaining cartilages together to narrow and refine the nasal tip.  Alarplasty incisions are placed at the bottom sill of the nose and the nasal base is brought in more narrow.  There is a chance that the rest of the nose may not be balanced with this new tip, it is difficult to tell sometimes from photographs.

Tip work without bridge work

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The nose is comprised of specific aesthetic subunits. An aesthetically pleasing nose is one with all subunits coming together forming a harmonious shape.  While you have very specific concerns I would recommend a complete evaluations with a rhinoplasty surgeon who offers computer imaging to show potential changes.

Edward S. Kwak, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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