Why if Tip of Nose Tender and Septum Swelling and Peeling?

My allergies r bad but zertec& nasal spray helps alot. Occasional tho my septum becomes ichy and peels. Saline and humidifiers normally reduce this in a day. This time tho it had been peeling off in one sheet at least once a day for two months. Now the inside of the tip of my nose is very tender and I can no longer smell. Doc is top notch but his rhinocort pulmicort zertec claritin etc just isn't makin it any better. Bloodwork said it's from allergies?! Any Ideas on why the pain /how to fix it?

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Tip of Nose Tender, Septum Swollen, Lost Sense of Smell

Hi Trig,

You may wish to get a second opinion from a board certified ENT physician to evaluate your internal nasal passages and to make sure that you do not have a degenerative condition.  The fact that your nose is tender and that you can't smell warrants a more detailed examination and work-up.  Good luck and be well.

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