Tip of Nose Points to One Side, Could This Be Swelling? (photo)

Hi, I had my procedure done 2 weeks ago and the swelling went down a great deal everyday...but what I realized was that the more the swelling went done and the more refined it got the more the tip points to the left. I'm so scared because this was the problem that was supposed to be corrected with the surgery..... Is it possible this is swelling? or will I need a revision and if I do can this be something that can be corrected in office

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Tip of Nose Points to One Side, Could This Be Swelling? (photo)

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I am not convinced this is due to swelling but it is so early to know. All three of your pictures are a different view making it so hard to tell what is what. It can take 12 months for all of you swelling to go down but by 6 months you will have a really good idea of what you are dealing with. Because revision nose surgery is so tough you want to have it done when things have really healed and the scars are soft. That takes one year so for major revisions in my practice I make patients wait one year. You need to make sure to continue to see your surgeon often and voice your concerns. If you did your research and chose a board certified surgeon who does lots of these cases then they will stick by you and help you through this. I do not feel this would be something fixable in the office. I would do this in the operating room. Many Rhinoplasty surgeons do these closed but I choose to do all of my rhinoplasties open because of better direct visualization of structures. Hang in there and give this time.

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Tip Edema

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Good Question: Generally twelve months is a safe time to wait for any thoughts of revision rhinoplasty surgery.  The Swelling will slowly abate.

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Tip of Nose Points to One Side, Could This Be Swelling?

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Sorry to say I do not believe this is swelling. But I would need more info and better yet seek in person second opinions. 

Nasal Tip Asymmetry At 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for sharing your photos.

However, at 2 weeks post-op it is very early to assess the end-results of your procedure.

It is not uncommon that patients exhibit an asymmetrical swelling leading to crooked nasal appearance among other irregularities.

Therefore, I recommend that you be patient and give mother nature a chance to take its course so swelling resolves and final results get established.

Usually, it takes about 12 months for the end-results of a rhinoplasty to be realized.

Meanwhile, it is imperative that you follow your surgeon's instructions religiously while keeping him/her in the loop of your recovery process. Intuitively, protecting your nose from accidental nasal traumas is essential as well.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your inquiry and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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