Why Does the Tip of my Nose Bend to the Left After Rhinoplasty (6 Weeks Post Op)?

I had my rhinoplasty 10th may 2011 at stirling through transform, I had the bridge changed (which is perfect) and the tip, I had a double tip....now the tip of my nose bends to the left , I can feel a cartilage on the left but and a dent in the right side. When you feel down my nose u can feel it tailing off to the left....it's not massively obvious but I feel like I want a revision! My tip is hard but not sore at all so is it still swollen or what?? Any advice is appreciated. Lianne

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Wait at least 6 months before considering a revision

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You can expect to see ongoing changes for up to a year following rhinoplasty.  It is prudent to wait a minimum of 6 months (a year is best) before considering a revision. 

Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

May be too early to judge.

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Six weeks may be too early to judge.  The "bend" may actually be asymmetric swelling.  The earliest time to make assessments is three months and in some cases one year.  Let's revisit this issue in six more weeks.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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