Tip Moves when I Tilt my Head After Rhinoplasty, Is this Normal?

I had rhinoplasty 17 days ago, today I noticed that when I tilt my head to one side, the tip of my nose moves too! E.g. when I tilt my head to the right, also my tip tilts to the right and I can kinda feel it, feels strange. Is this normal? I'm not sure if this happened before the surgery also, but I think not... the bone is not moving, only the tip. I'll see my doctor in 3 weeks, so hopefully You can tell me something, thank you! :)

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Tip Moves when I Tilt my Head After Rhinoplasty

This can be a very normal phenomenon.  Not to worry!  You are still in the very early phase of healing so make sure that you continue to f/u with your surgeon for a reevaluation over time.  Typically, most patients won't notice a long term result until at least 3-6months from the time of surgery and textbook answer is one year.  So be patient and you'll do great.

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