How is Tip Cartilage Rotated?

Can tip cartilage rotation be reversed?

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How is the nose rotated by surgery?

This is a technical question really and one that is commonly asked during specialist examinations. The theory is the following; imagine the tip of your nose the seat of a three legged stool. One leg is the flesh between your nostrils and the other two run along the rims of your nostrils, up towards the outer corners of your eyes. If you wanted to till the seat back, then two of the legs need to be shortened, or one lengthened. Surgeons have many, many different techniques to do this to the cartilages which make up the tip of your nose.

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Nose Tip Can Be Turned Up or Down

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can refine your tip to make it smaller, as well as change its position.  Changing the position of the nasal tip in an upward manner is called "rotation", while turning the nose downward is referred to as "de-rotation". Your question asks if a surgically rotated nose can be de-rotated, and the answer is yes.  A revision rhinoplasty would be necessary, as well as a cartilage source (septum, ear, or rib) to bring your tip back down.  If your surgery was recently, you'll want to discuss your concern with your surgeon, but you might not be a candidate for revision until your nose stops healing (about 1 year). And I always recommend using digital imaging software to have your surgeon show you what you might look like after the surgery so the 2 of you can communicate effectively regarding what you think looks best. Good luck!  

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Nasal Tip Rotation

There are several techniques to decrease tip rotation after rhinoplasty surgery. For example, sometimes the tip can be repositioned and simply sutured in place but frequently it is necessary to add cartilage grafts. See a revision specialist because the procedure is always individualized to meet the needs of each patient.

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Can tip rotation be reversed

There are definitely techniques to achieve tip derogation if needed. The can be done with repositioning and changes to the caudal nasal septum. It depends on what is needed for an individual situation.

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Tip rotation can be reversed

Tip rotation can be reversed, or derotated.  Assuming you mean the original rotation was increased, counter rotation will require revision surgery.  As rhinplasty is one of the most challenging surgeries to perform well, this can be difficult depending on what was done originally.  However, there are various techniques available to a facial plastic surgeon that can achieve the desired results.  Hope this helps.

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Tip cartilage rotation

Can tip cartilage be reversed?  It is very difficult to return the cartilages to the way that they were.  Often sutures are placed in to them and then scar tissue keeps the shape.  Other cartilage grafts may be necessary to recreate it.

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Reversing tip rotation

There are book chapters which discuss methods to rotate the nasal tip, and just how much, and upward rotation is fairly easy to achieve. Reversing tip rotation can involve tip grafts, and nasal lenghtening, again book chapters, and though a more difficult problem, there are solutions experienced surgeons know about.

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Rhinoplasty revision

There are probably as many ways to rotate the tip cartilage as there are surgeons to do it. Some of those ways include trimming the upper edge of the tip cartilages, suturing the tip cartilages to the septal cartilage, placing a batton graft between the septal cartilage and the inner limbs of the tip cartilages etc. You can reverse the direction of tip rotation from a previous surgery but depending on the circumstances you may not be able to get complete reversal.

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Tip Rotation


There are several techniques for tip rotation. They include but not limited to dome division, cephalic strip, strut grafts, shield grafts and reduction of dorsal septal cartilage. Again it all depends on the tip dynamics preoperatively.



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Techniques to rotate and counter-rotate the tip in rhinoplasty

A variety of techniques exist to rotate the tip cartilage, including suturing, cartilage reshaping, and grafting techniques.  I won't get into the technical details here.  There are also several techniques to counter-rotate the tip including septal extension grafts and extended spreader grafts.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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