Tip asymmetry and Swelling 5 weeks after rhinoplasty. Overcorrection?

My tip is now leaning to the right (and has since cast came off). The surgeon over corrected the original left tilting tip. However, the hones at top of nose are slightly set to left, as original nose - creating a twist and swelling at left side. Does nose tip follow upper bone direction or is it "independent" physiologically? The surgeon has offered to reset at three months if it is not rectified. What would this involved? Thank you! This site has really helped me. 

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Tip asymmetry and Swelling at 5 weeks

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5 weeks post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery - be patient and follow up with your surgeon.  Revision is possible at 3 months but it is at times better to wait even longer

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Tip off

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The nose in general is all interconnected. To me it is like a house of cards , very delicately interconnected.  So it is possible like you said to be crooked based upon your boney and septal framework.

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Five weeks post rhinoplasty

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It sounds like since the surgeon offered to "reset it" or re break the nose that perhaps the asymmetry is in the nasal bones which may make the tip appear off as well. Five weeks is to early to determine an actual result and I would follow your surgeons suggestion wait the three months and then decide your options. If your surgeon did rebreak the nose or perform osteotomies you would be back in a nasal splint for approximately five days. You may have some swelling and bruising however it should be minimal and dissipate quickly. Hopefully this simple correction will be all you need for revision.

Michael Elam, MD
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