Cost of Liposuction for Tiny Fat Pockets?

I have tiny pockets of fat around my body...if i get liposuction to adress these areas about how much would it cost? (lower ab, flanks, right under the butt, and hips)

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It all depends on how much work is involved

You would have to have an evaluation by a surgeon to know how much time and work is involved in doing this. The cost will vary widely since it could be 1 hour or 3 hours depending on your specific problem.

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Cost of liposuction - breakdown of costs

Liposuction demands careful attention to detail and expertise in technique.  Treatment of areas depends on the cost of anesthesia, liposuction time, and anatomic considerations. 

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Liposuction of the body

Fees for liposuction varies around the country.  This will also vary in the community from doctor to doctor.  Go to a good doctor and then worry about the fee.  Sometimes the lowest guy on the block does so for a reason.

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Cost of liposuction

Hard to tell for sure without seeing you.  But liposuction in New York City for you would cost about $8000.  This includes accredited operating room and recovery room, and board certified anesthesiologist (very important for safety).

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction cost varies

I agree with Dr. Mayer’s response that the cost can vary depending on how much time is required to treat these areas. I suspect that the time will be on the longer side of his estimate since you are addressing multiple areas and this would require extra time for repositioning on the operating room table, e.g. rotating you from side to side or front to back to reach all areas.

Another factor is the type of anesthesia required. Occasionally, small areas can be treated under local anesthesia while larger areas may require the added expense of general anesthesia. Unfortunately, the only way to obtain a firm estimate of the costs would be to undergo a consultation by a plastic surgeon.

Wayne I. Yamahata, MD
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