Tiny "dents" in lip 3 days after injection. Is this normal?

Hi, 3 days ago I had a very small amount (1/2 syringe total) of juvederm injected into my upper and lower lip. I am now noticing that my upper lip has a slightly dimpled appearance, with some tiny little "dents" in it. They are only visible when I smile and the lip is stretched. Is this normal 3 days post injection or should I be concerned?

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"Dents" are an unusual result from a lip injection.

"Dents" are an unusual result from a lip injection. If the area feels dense to the touch, I would recommend scheduling a follow up with your injector to have these areas massaged. At 3 days you could be experiencing swelling - can take 2 weeks to completely subside. In this case wait 2 weeks and follow up with your injector if the problem remains. 

Hope this helps. 

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Dents post injection

I would not be too worried since you are only 3 days out.I would try soem gentle massage.This should go away in time if not return to your doctor.

Robert Brueck, MD
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"Dents" are unusual.  In fact, I have not seen "dents" with lip filler.  You should see your injector about this.  

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Fillers should flow smoothly

Small dents are not normal, and I would check with the injector to determine if the filler was placed properly or if there is some other issue going on. Juvederm and other fillers should flow smoothly and look natural when done properly. Because it is an HA (hyaluronic acid), it can be dissolved by someone who understands these products.

Michael Gold, MD
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Lip enhancement - dents in lip 3 days afer Juvederm

At 3 days following injection you should massage your lip between your thumb and forefinger and wait a few more days as there is likely to be temporary swelling.  If the dents persist then return to the injecting physician.  Injecting the lip is sometimes challenging because scarring of the lip from previous trauma or injections may not allow the filler material to spread evenly thus causing dents or bumps.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
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Tiny "dents" in lip 3 days after injection. Is this normal?

PLEASE return to see the injecting doctor ASAP for full explanation of this result of one half syringe of Juvederm to lips. 

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Post Juvederm

Thank you for your question. It is difficult to say without seeing you, I would recommend going back to see your injector for a follow up. There is normally swelling for up to 2 weeks post injections so I would wait 2 weeks so your injector can look at the final result if they have to touch it up for you.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard

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