Tingling and Stinging Nipples After Saline Breast Implants

I have saline breast implants under the muscle which are two years old now. For the past week my nipples have been killing me, they sting and burn and painful. The insertion method was through the nipples and my scar seems puffy on my left breast. My implants are also softer than usual and more painful to move. Should I be concerned, or is this usual and goes away with a bit of time? Thanks!

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Tingling and Stinging Nipples After Saline Breast Implants: Pregnant??????

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I don't understand why this suddenly occurred twoyears later but I have had one patient who reported a similar condition and discovered she was pregnant two weeks later?????????????

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Sensations of nipples after implants

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It sounds like you should be going to your doctor to be evaluated, because without an exam I am not sure exactly what is causing your problem.

Steven Wallach, MD
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