Tingling with radiesse. Could it be permanent?

I had radiuses injected into my cheeks 5 months ago and I am now feeling tingling in the area and below. Also had jervaderm into nasal labial folds. Could both of these be the cause and is there damage that and is it permanent and can anything be done.

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Tingling with Radiesse

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In my practice every cosmetic patient is addressed separately as there are no "cookbook" approaches even after almost 20 years of filler experience.We use many different fillers in the same patient to achieve a optimal correction. Though I have not seen this side effect in my practice, for tingling  I would recommend you discuss with a dermatologist board certified and experienced in fillers in your area.

West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

Tingling with radiesse. Could it be permanent?

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It is not uncommon to have some tingling after the injections but at five months it should have subsided. I would recommend visiting your injector, though it is unlikely permanent. 

Tingling with Radiesse. Could it be permanent?

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Cheek injections can create nerve issues if the filler is injected into the opening in the cheek bone where the infraorbital nerve exits the skull. Usually this would result in pain or numbness or other sensations immediately following the injection. You should discuss with your injector who knows exactly where and how much Radiesse was injected. As Radiesse dissolves completely these symptoms are also likely to improve but you would benefit from some reassurance. I hope this information is helpful for you.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Tingling after Radiesse

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Some tingling is common right after injections take place, but 5 months in would be more uncommon. I doubt very much there is any permanent damage or that anything is wrong. But you should make an appointment with your injector to be seen.

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