Why Do I Have Tingling in Lips 2 Months After Restylane Filler?

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Restylane - Why Do I Have Tingling in Lips 2 Months After Restylane Filler?

Without additional information it is difficult even to speculate...did you have a nerve block, were there any complications, did you have extensive bleeding or other trauma?

In the absence of any of those, or some other likely explanation, it's hard to know...can you provide additional details?  And I'm assuming that you've notified and discussed this with your physician?

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Is tingling to lips related to Restylane?

Without more details regarding your treatment (ex: amount of product, part of mouth injected, f/u by injector), it is difficult to offer much feedback.  There are some conditions such as cold sores that may cause this sensation and may be related to treatments to the mouth area, but this was not mentioned as a factor.  If you have not reported this concern to your injector, you should do so or be evaluated by your primary physician. 


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