Tingling Itchy Feeling in my Chin?

had implant removed after 17 years as I thought the scar capsule had an issue, as I get odd tingly and tight sensations in that area. 5 weeks after removal the sensations are still there. The scar tissue etc looked good during the surgery. When I keep the tissue mobile, eg chewing food or gum, the sensation goes away during this time. Does anyone have ANY clue as to what is going on here, as I cant fathom what the problem could be? Its been with me about a year and a half now. Many thanks for your time

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Chin Augmentation

This may just be all of the nerves regenerating which can give a tingling feeling as you describe. As long as all looks well I would not be to concerned. It is always important to follow up with your treating surgeon and discuss your concerns. As surgeons we like to know what is concerning our patients and try and provide the proper diagnosis and care to relieve any stress. The recovery process from all surgery differs and a good patient surgeon relationship is key during this process. Thank you for your inquiry and best regards. Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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