Cheek Implants - Tingling Cheek/ Nose/ Eye 3 Years Post-op

Had cheek implants put in 3 years ago. On Fri night I kept getting tingling on my right cheek right below my eye. Was gone in the morning with a slight tingling on the right side of my nose. Went away all day. Next day bad tingling is back. There is a hard 1/2 cm bump on the inside of my orbital bone on the right side, touching my eye. Tingling R lower eyelid. Really worried. Do the implants need to come out? I'm scared I'll look WEIRD after having them out. Do people look normal after removal?

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From what you describe it sounds like the edge of the right Cheek Implant may be placing pressure on the infra-orbital nerve which is responsible for sensation to the tissues in that area.  You may want to discuss this with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Cheek Implants

  • not sure why this happened 3 years after the Cheek Implants and if it goes away you may wait and see if it's a one time thing occurence.
  • if the tingling persists developing to numbness, the Cheek Implant should be removed or trimmed if your plastic and cosmetic surgeon feels it could be done in a manner to relive that portion of the Cheek Implant that's touching the nerve.

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Tingling Nose and Cheek 3 Years after Cheek Implants

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The fact that tingling of the cheek has started 3 years after surgery probably indicates that the right cheek implant has move and is irritating the infraorbital nerve. Hopefully, repositioning the implant will stop the nerve irritation with minimal change in appearance.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Tingling with cheek implants

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TIngling may be irritation to the infraorbital nerve which gives sensation to the cheek and side wall of the nose.  The implant may need to come out or be re-positioned.

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Cheek Implants - Tingling Cheek/ Nose/ Eye 3 Years Post-op

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Yes, they should come out.

It sounds like the implant may be irritating a nerve.

The implant can be re-positioned or exchanged to maintain your appearance.

Of course you will need to seek a personal consultation to get an assesment.

Best of luck,


Dr Siegel

Michel Siegel, MD
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