Tingle in Lip After Restylane Tear Trough Injection

I've had a dental block placed prior to having Restylane injected into my tear troughs. I am now feeling a tingle in my lip everytime I put pressure under my eye. Is this normal and will it pass? Should I be concerned? Thank you.

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This is possible given the type of preparation you had for Restylane

It is quite possible to have a tingling sensation after injections that might have caused a slight bit of nerve irritation or damage.  This should resolve quickly.  

I would call the doctor if any rash occurs or other symptoms, however.

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Should resolve

Dear Happy

You did not tell us how long ago the Restylane treatment was performed. It is possible that the sensory nerve was bruised with the treatment or the local. These types of nerve injuries are seldom permanent. However, complete recovery might take days or weeks. By the way I never block patients for tear trough treatment. Instead, I use topical anesthetic cream on the skin. This is more than adequate for numbing the thin lower eyelid skin.

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