How many times is it appropriate to go back to doctor for adjustments.? Already a bit intimidated. (photo)

Had treatments for this problem 3 times. This last time doctor removed all fillers to start over It was suggested to me to try the eyerise belatero with radiesse. I did so. Still no results. Went back for follow up last night, and was told how great it looked and after saying I wasn't happy with at least the eye without the bruise, I was given more radiesse on my check. This morning I still have dark circles and bags. I've spent $1000s and I'm devastated! What can I do?

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Correction of filler issues

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First, I don't remove filler; you have to allow it to dissipate over time.  Secondly, if you don't expect bruising after filler injections, then the injecting doctor hasn't explained the procedure properly.  I am not at all surprised that you are bruised.  This can take at least 2 weeks to go down.  You should have been advised to apply ice packs for the first 48 hours.  I will add that, while filler is wonderful, there may come a point for patients at which aging needs to be treated surgically to achieve a reasonable result.

How many times is it appropriate to go back to doctor for adjustments.? Already a bit intimidated.

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There's no absolute answer to this although I would generally advise that you let the fillers resorb (that process can take several weeks or months) ENOUGH so that you can see the tissues again without whatever bruising and swelling you have now.  The fillers should last months but I would not normally recommend repeating fillers while you still have the immediate effects of the first procedure(s).

Let it settle down for a bit and then re-evaluate.  But whether you should go to your current PS or another one is something you'll have to decided based on how comfortable you feel.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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