How Much Time After Explantation is Needed for Breast Tissue to Heal?

Sorry for my bad English.My 1 surgeon made big mistakes and I have lateral and inframammary over dissection of the pockets(bottoming out+implants goes under my arms)and I need to stay without implants some period.I have 3 failed surgeries(without explantation,only pocket revisions,we tried under and over muscle)and this is my last chance, my 2 surgeon wants some period without implants.How many times is need after explantation the tissue of the breasts to be "like new",to be completely heal?Tnx.

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Breast Implant Removal Healing?

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Thank you for the question.

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties after breast augmentation surgery.

I would suggest waiting  at least 6 months ( or as close to a year as possible) before undergoing further breast surgery.

Best wishes.

Time After Explant For Healing

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Anytime a patient needs to have a breast implant removed fo whatever reason, it generally takes about six months for the tissues to heal up and return to a normal state.  The key is to remove all of the capsule around the implant at the time of removal so that there is fresh tissue healing to itself and closing off the old implant space.  For some patients it can be shorter or longer, but 6 months is a good average.  I hope this helps.

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