How Many Time is Needed for the Tissue to Heal and to Be Ready for New Augmentation?

Hi,sorry for my bad English.My 2nd surgeon wants to remove my implants for 6 months,because I have too many complications and he recomends me that my tissue needs to heal.My first surgeon made my first augmentation very bad-bottomong out,over dissection of the pockets and now the implants are so near to my skin(inframammary)and they can destroy soon my skin and go out.How many times is need my tissue to heal and to be ready for new augmentation without to have a risk of new bottoming?Thank you.

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Thin skin under breast implants will need time to recover

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I agree with your surgeon and  Dr. Koobehi.  The thinned skin from the bottomed out implants will need time to recover from the stretching.  Newer options for reconstruction will make use of commercially available dermal collagen sheets for structural support in placing your new implants.  These collagen matrix sheets are expensive, but industry competition will likely drive these costs lower over time. 

Leave implants out at least 3 months

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Your surgeon is correct to advise starting over after akkowing time to heal. I would follow his advice and leave the implants out 6 months.

Good luck

May leave them out for at least 3 months

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Your surgeon is correct about leaving out your implants. You need to give enough time for tissue to heal.

Removing your implants

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It is difficult to give advice without examining you but allowing your body to heal is probably a safe way to go. It is necessary to leave the implants out for 3-6 months (sometimes longer) to avoid complications during the healing process when you do proceed with revisionary surgery again. Based on the severity and complexity of your case, your surgeon will determine what procedure would be best to achieve your overall goals. To prevent implant exposure, the use of alloderm/allograft may be necessary to provide an extra layer of skin between the tissue and the implant.  There are so many options with revisionary breast surgery - you have obviously been through a lot.

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