Time Between Surgery and Correction Surgery? (photo)

hi, one year ago i had otoplasty on my both ears, the right ear is really nice as a result but the left one wasnt, i have done 2 correction surgries on my left ear the last one was 3 weeks ago, but the left still protrude more than the right one, it seems like my doctor dont know what i want :(, 1st pic both ears, 2nd pic only left currently, 3rd pic what i wish it to be. its just a small pin from the top is needed, im thinking to change doctor, my family say its no big deal, what do u think?

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Otoplasty result

Frequently, even without surgery, both ears are not exactly the same.  In addition, because the ears are at opposite ends of the face, any difference between them is not normally very noticeable.  There is some slight difference between your right and left ears, but honestly, I think they look pretty good the way they are currently.  Since you've already had two revisions done on the left ear, I wouldn't recommend another one.  Surgery is not without risk, including the possibility that the ear could look worse.  

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Revising Otoplasties

Thanks for your photos.  In this process of trying to achieve perfection, it is more likely that some other issue will develop such as over-correction.  Your ears may not be perfectly equal but they certainly do not protrude and I would not recommend any further procedure if you were my patient sitting in front of me.  The risks simply outweigh the minimal benefit that you are trying to achieve.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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