How Much Time Must One Truly Stay out of the Sun After Active FX?

I have just had an Active FX treatment in April and I am very curious as to whether or not I can run mid mornings starting in May in Texas, with a strong sunblock, ball cap and sunglasses. I don't want to be housebound all summer if at all possible. I am willing to use any and all whitening creams and I am very fair.

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Staying out of the sun after ActiveFX

You should be able to resume running a month after your ActiveFX treatment. Plan on ramping on slowly and by starting your run in the early to mid-morning, before the sun is high.

Use an SPF 30 sunscreen liberally, all over your face, chest, back of neck and other sun exposed areas, like your arms and hands, Definitely add a hat or cap, as well as sunglasses.

Check in with your treating physician to get their take on what they think is best for your skin after ActiveFX treatment.

Seattle Otolaryngologist

Sun protection following Active FX

In my opinion you can resume your running and you shouldn't have to severely limit your lifestyle as long as you take reasonable precautions and exercise moderation in your activities. Begin slowly and do not go out for a 1 hour run at high noon. Run in the mornings beginning with shorter times and with adequate sunblock then assess your response. However, I would discuss this with your treating physician.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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