How Long Does It Take For A Nose Implant To Damage The Underlying Structure Of Nose?

I'm 6 weeks post op, and I talked to my doctor about wanting to remove my silicone implant and he told me there was no problem as he only inserted the implant and did a small alar base reduction. However, he suggested me to wait until I reach 9 to 12 weeks post op because he thinks I might change my mind. Some doctors say the sooner the better to remove an implant because it damages the underlying structure of the nose, but I would like to know how much time is necessary for this to happen.

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Properly placed nasal implant will not damage nose

A nose implant will not damage the underlying structures of the nose.  The implant is inert and the body produces a small capsule around it.  Do not make any decisions about the implant unless it is obviously displaced at 9-12 weeks.  As long as the implant is the appropriate size and shape, and is in the proper position, wait 6 months to make sure the patient desires it removed.

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Nasal Implants Do Not Damage Bone or Cartilage

A nasal implant does not damage the underlyign structures of the nose. It may stretch and thin out the overlying skin but not the bone and cartilage that lies underneath. I woudl agree that you should wait a minimum of three months after your rhinoplasty to you can adjust to the new look. I have seen many patients, particularly men, who were convinced that they had to reverse their surgery in the first month afterwards. Only to go on later and be pleased with the outcome after further recovery time.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Nasal implant removal

Sounds like a good idea to hold off removing a nasal implant too soon. You may realize that you like it after a few months.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Damage from Nasal Implant

As long a their are no signs of an infection or extrusion there is no advantage to immediate removal. Underlying damage only occurs in the patients that you hear about. I am not a fan of nasal implants, but there is no urgency in your case.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Implants and Damage to the Nose

The only advice I would give is to continue your dialogue with your surgeon, make sure your concerns are heard, and follow his advice.

I have never used silicone implants in the nose, as I much prefer using autologous cartilage (taken from the patient herself) for grafting. I have, however, seen photos of excellent results with silicone.

James Bartels, MD
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Implant damage

This is difficult to answer as it is likely different depending on the size of the implant , the tightness of the overlying skin, and the sturdiness of the cartilage.

waiting untill 9-12 wks if you are at 6 is unlikely to make a difference BUT please do not consider that direct medical advice as I have not examine you

you and your surgeon need to decide together


Out of curiosity was it a board certified plastic surgeon who put in your implant?that is a technique that is rarely done by rhinoplasty surgeons because of risk of exposure etc

i prefer natural grafts from the patients own tissues when I need to add to or strengthen a nose

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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