Is 12 Days Off From Work Enough After Massive Surgery?

Am having breast revision/implant replacement, medial vert. thigh lift and buttock crease wedge lift (to address my excess skin on thighs due to weight loss 80lb and aggressive lipo to inner and outer thigh) and spot lipo on calves, knees ant. thigh, and abdom/stomach. I work out 3-4 days wk with a trainer for the last year. I am hoping that 12days off of work will be enough. I have a sit down,stand up,walk, sit down job all day I am now questioning my time off. My Dr. says its ok?? Opinions?

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Time off Work After Body Lift

Being aerobically fit and in good nutritional condition is on your side for a speedy recovery. No matter how fit you are it takes time for your body to synthesize protein to make strong closure of your incisions. Incisions around the buttocks can be slow to heal if they are stressed prematurely by sitting. Twelve days is unrealistic for a comfortable return to a job that has a lot of sitting or a lot of position changes required given your surgical plan. Give your body a little more time so as not to create a set up for complications.

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12 Days off for Multiple Procedures

I always recommend that my patients plan take ample time off to recover from surgery.    The immediate postop period can be a stressful, although manageable, time for the patient as they go through the recovery process.     I find patients who try to return to work too early get unduly stressed and frustrated by their lack of speedy recovery.    I do not believe in taking risks or shortcuts, especially with elective cosmetic surgery, where a complication or setback can cause not only emotional or physical, but additional financial burden.   

In your situation, I would consider either delaying surgery until you can have 3-4 weeks off or doing less procedures at this time.     I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

Paul S. Gill, MD
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Recovery time after several procedures

It varies patient to patient how fast she would recover from a surgery.  It depends on his/her pain threshould and work loads.  Given the number of procedures that you are getting, most of my patients would take at least two to three weeks off from work.  As long as you are taking narcotic pain meds, you should not be driving to/from work.  Perhaps, you should let your work know that you may be off for 2-3 weeks depending on how you feel afterwards.  Good luck to you.

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Recovery time after surgery

I would ask that you take at least 3-4 weeks off. You are having a lot of surgery and if you go back to work too soon, you could cause complications, wound healing problems, etc. and then you will have to take off more time to heal again.  Don't rush it.  You are doing this for a cosmetic result, allow yourself the time to heal after surgery.

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Body lift

First  not many will do an excision of skin in the crease of the buttock. Terrible scar and difficult to heal.

Aformal buttock lift with incision in the upper buttock at the superior illiac crest area is standard with and without buttock augmentation.

Second all that surgery you need three weeks for recovery.

Wait till you have time for the healing process, there is no way to make healing faster.

Also consider what if you have a complication as much and as little as wound seperation and delayed healing. You want to put all that effort in this extensive surgery, you need all the time for healing.

Samir Shureih, MD
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