Time of Intraoral Chin Implant Wound?

Hi doctors! Three weeks ago I had a intraoral chin implant. The implant position is perfect and the swelling is completely gone, so the external result is realy perfect. On the onside of my mouth I noticed a gaps between the sutures. They have the same size for five days now. Is it normal it takes so long to heal completely? Should I worry for infections? Is there a risk the implant needs to be replaced? What can I do to aid the healing process?

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Healing After an Intra-oral Chin Implant

It is hard to tell from your description if this is something to be concerned about. It certainly never hurts to have your surgeon take a quick look at it. If there are some gaps, but the implant itself is completely covered, then the gaps should heal from the bottom up without any problems. If you can see any of the implant (likely either clear or white) then infection is a possibility and you need to see your surgeon right away.

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Intraoral chin implant placement and healing

Hi Kris,


You should have your surgeon watch that very closely.  It's hard to know if we're talking true gaps or just some areas that appear thin since I can't examine you.  However, if you thing there's a gap, get back on your antibiotics, be ginger or gentle with it, and get back to your surgeon ASAP.  Hopefully you're fine but better safe than sorry.


Best of luck


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