Time Interval Between Having HA and Face Rejuvenation?

What should be the time interval between two treatments of hyaluronic acid (HA) injections and face rejuvenation?

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Waiting period after HA filler for facial rejuvenation surgery

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While each patient is different, there can be little to no waiting period between HA treatments and facial rejuvenation surgery such as facelifts and tuck up procedures, providing the HA was not used for substantial volumizing of the face. If the HA was used mainly for lip augementation, fine lines and even facial folds, a rejuvenation procedure could be performed shortly after filler injection. I frequently inject HA's under the same anesthetic I am using for facelift, browlift, and neck lift surgery.

If, however, a large volume of HA has been used for facial contouring, it might be better to wait 6 months until it is gone so as not to affect the surgeon's judgement at the time of surgery. It is best to confer with a qualified facial plastic surgeon who can examine you and help you select the best treatment options and timing of procedures. I hope this answers your question and is helpful to you.

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