How Much Time off from Work is Needed After Explantation?

How Much Time off from Work is Needed After Explantation?

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Returning to work after implant removal

This question depends on your situation, namely what your job entails.  Do you need to do a lot of heavy lifting, stretching, etc?  That may delay your return to work.  If you work at a desk job I would think taking a week off should be sufficient.  I would suggest discussing your particular situation with your plastic surgeon since he/she would know the details of the planned surgery.

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Recovery from breast Implant Removal

Although this seems like a simple question it actually is not striaghtforward to answer.   For any patient who is asking about when they can return to work after any surgical procedure the first question I ask is "What type of work do you do?"   Patients who  sit at a desk and the heaviest thing they lift is a telephone   would be able to retuen to work a lot faster than a patient who is say an ER nurse and has to be able to help lift patients.   The answer as to when you can return to work also depends on the type of surgery -  are you having a simple explant, a capsulectomy, or a breast lift as well?     Discuss with your plastic surgeon   your job, if you have small children to care for and  you will be able to plan the needed time off.

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