First time that under eye filler caused me severe swelling and bruising, in one eye only

I have used belotero to fill my under eye hollows with minimal to no bruising/swelling at all. I felt the belotero didn't last so I tried restylane. 1 cc to split between both eyes. The (new) ps injected the entire left portion (.5) into my left eye all at once. Without even numbing it beforehand. The right eye he injected with 2 incisions. Left eye was immediately throbbing & is now much more swollen than right. Is this a result of his injection technique or the restylane, and what can be done?

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Belotero versus Restylane Under Eye Area

I like Restylane and Belotero for under the eye area.  Belotero generally has less bruising and swelling but does not last as long.  Restylane can definitely cause more bruising under the eye.  Each doctor injects these areas differently so it is difficult to tell what was done from the description.  Please return to your treating physician for evaluation if your are concerned and have pain or swelling.

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First time that under eye filler caused me severe swelling and bruising, in one eye only

The tear troughs is a very sensitive area to inject due to thin skin around the eyes and its very common to have bruising/swelling for the first 2 weeks. Every provider has their own technique on how to inject, I suggest you have a follow-up with your physician to further assist you

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Eyelid edema swelling

There are several reasons as to why the eyelid may be swelling. Surgical trauma from the needle or cannula used to place the filler, injection technique, if there is bruising a blood vessel come have been damaged - eyelid swelling and bruising - are all risks to filler injection and relatively common risk especially underneath the eyelids. You should seek out an ASOPRS member in your area for further evaluation.

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Severe bruising and swelling from Restylane under eyes

Obviously every injector will have their own unique injection style and technique. Why did you not return to your prior injector? Does that person not use Restylane? Nevertheless, Restylane does have lidocaine in the syringe already so it's not necessary to block beforehand. I do anyway because I do it for other reasons than just patient comfort, but you can inject without pre-numbing the area. Nearly everyone has some asymmetry, so there is often different techniques and injections used in different parts of the face. But quite simply, you should wait for 10-14 days to see how everything looks and then go from there. Swelling and bruising are common from all fillers and aren't dependent on technique. However, the results will be and so that's what you need to make your ultimate choice about.

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