Down Time of CO2 Fractional Laser Acne Scar Treatment ?

i want to know the down time of CO2 fractional laser treatment.. how many days it takes to appear our skin normal without redness and other effects..

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Downtime with CO2

Most patients who have ablative fractional CO2 will have a minimum of 5 days of downtime and, depending on the machine and power used, up to 10-14 days downtime can be expected. 

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Downtime after CO2 fractional laser

The treatment itself takes about two hours; one hour for the topically applied anesthetics to work, and the second hour to treat, and cool the skin after treatment with ice, making sure that the patient is feeling fine before leaving.  The hot, burning sensation lasts about 2-3 hours then disappears.  Depending on the strength of the treatment, there is usually redness, swelling, and perhaps some bruising.  The swelling worsens for a few days, and is most noticable in the mornings.  The skin normally peels dramatically on or about post-op day 5.  For a good, strong treatment, we advise taking a week off, if you are working with the public.  That being said, many patients return to work on post-op day 4, recognizing that they will look like they are recovering for a bad sunburn, with redness and peeling expected.  If the treatment uses gentle settings, such as in younger patients or for just skin color improvement, then the down time will just be a few days.

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