1st Time Botox Today, Half Dose, in Upper Forehead. Afraid I May Get Droopy Eyes Bc I Rubbed It? (photo)

Hi. First time botox today. No swelling or bruising just a lil red. Only half a dose in upper forehead but I wasn't aware I wasn't suppose to rub it so I held my hand at my hairline & rubbed threw my wrinkles downward with the other index finger. I maybe only touched it a.few times in the 4hrs but once I.was home was when massaged or rubbed it. Like 4-5 hrs later. I'm 30. Thanks ginger. I'm really looking for peace of mind like statistics. Can u tell if ur eye feels droopy n 6 hrs or? !

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Don't let these doctor make you feel bad!

Touching or rubbing that you do will not cause you to have a droopy eyelid.  How your doctor does the service determines this.  However, it is so much easier to blame the patient that to accept personal responsibility.  For many years patients were advised to work the muscles after a botox treatment.  If you droop after a botox service, it is not your fault.  It is how your doctor did your treatment.

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Rubbing forehead after Botox in a downward direction can possibly affect outcome

After getting Botox in the forehead, I instruct my patients to not rub, not get a massage, not to wear hats, no steam rooms or saunas for 4 hours.  Its possible for the Botox to migrate during that period.  I do massage the forehead in an upward and outward motion to spread it evenly after I inject.  I doubt you will get droopy brows because you only got 1/2 the regular dosing but only time will tell.  

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Rubbing botox

   Nothing to do at this point. I always advise patients not to rub or bend down. You will probably be fine but there is nothing to do but wait and see what happens. It is OK to work the muscles as this is very different that physically rubbing the injection site or putting unwanted pressure on it.

Richard Galitz, MD, FACS
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1st Time Botox Today, Half Dose, in Upper Forehead. Afraid I May Get Droopy Eyes Bc I Rubbed It?

ALWAYS best to allow over night effect than if unsure return to the injecting doctor for in person examination//

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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1st Time Botox Today, Half Dose, in Upper Forehead. Afraid I May Get Droopy Eyes Bc I Rubbed It?

Botox is absorbed by the muscle fairly quick after having it injected. I suggest waiting 5-7 days till the Botox is in full effect to see the end result, inform your medical provider about the honest incident incase you do feel the area has drooped. 

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Botox and Droopy Eyes

In your photo, it looks like your eyelids are resting on your eyelashes.  Many people who have this potential problem unconsciously elevate their eyebrows to prevent the "heavy" feeling of the lids resting on the lashes. The frontalis muscle, which runs across most of the forehead, is the muscle that raises the brows. When this muscle is weakened, it becomes more difficult to raise the eyebrows. If only small doses  were used high in the forehead, you'll probably get by OK, since there will be enough unaffected muscle to do the job. There's no question that rubbing the injection site spreads the toxin and increases the risk of unwanted side effects. We always warn patients against it.

If you have problems, it will be due to drooping of your brows (brow ptosis), not lids (lid ptosis).

Gerald Bock, MD
Stockton Dermatologic Surgeon
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