Touching nose after Septoplasty?

Against all of me saying that I was a stupid idea I've been gently cleaning the inside of my nose with my finger, not picking at stuff or scraping the crust away just wiping away the stuff that was liquidy inside. I haven't experienced any bleeding or anything that would lead me to believe that I messed anything up. But is there a chance that I could have knocked something out of alignment or something of that sort and if so is there anyway of telling without a doctors visit. Should I be concerned?

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Firm septum

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The septum is reasonably firm.  It is made up of cartilage and bone.  Simple pushing on the septum with your finger will not move the septum anymore than pushing your (cartilagenous) tip of your nose will move your nose to the side.  During septoplasty, the cartilage is scored, morsalized, and contoured via surgical means, so as to change its position.  These surgical measures are required to move the cartilage into a new position.  

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