Can I get symmetric face by wearing braces?

I have an asymmetric face, but do I get symmetric face by wearing braces

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Are Facial Asymmetries Correctable With Braces?

Braces alone will do very little to correct facial asymmetries. However, a doctor who understands epigenetic orthodontics is best for addressing facial asymmetries. Facial asymmetries are caused by asymmetric growth of facial bones. Some of this asymmetric growth can be fixed using removable dental appliances. An epigenetic doctor will look for level eyes, ears and smile. Appliances can be prescribed to encourage underdeveloped facial bones. 

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Braces have a limited effect to facial symmetry

While braces CAN help, most assymetry is a combination of tooth alignment, skeletal structure, and soft tissues on the bone.  Teeth are PART of the equation, but not often enough to satisfy goals.

I would START with braces to see if the result is enough for YOU, but there may be a surgical component, or even treatments like Botox to shrink specific muscles.

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