Tightness Behind Ears and in Neck One Year Post Surgery and Red Striations in Neck.

I had a lower facelift and upper eyelift about 11 months ago. The tightness behind my ears and in my neck (ears are worse) is really bothering me. I had no idea I would feel anything a year after surgery. There are also red striations in my neck -- not visible unless you look. When I showed them to my surgeon about 4 months ago, he said he did not know what they were. He was dismissive. I am happy with the results visually, but uncomfortable physically. Would love my face to feel normal!

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Tightness after Face Lift could be your friend

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Usually at around 6 -9 months face lifts will relax somewhat and patients are usually a bit concerned.This tightness will actually soften and you can hasten the process by external massage. Choose your favorite lotion, add a little Cocoa Butter and some Vitamin E oil. Make a little slather and rub it in thourougly, always sweeping upward and behind the ear. This tightness is pretty common and more importantly you are visually happy with your result. Get your hands involved and good things will happen. Spend 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes in the evening.

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