Tightness, Tenderness Between Breasts - 4 Months Post-op

I had under muscle 225g implants 4 months ago from a to c cup, they have always felt tight and tender since the operation, but I would have thought that this would have gone by now. the left one seems to be worse, they are not over painful but generally uncomfortable and i still need to wear a sports bra when i sleep. I have been advised to take ibuprofen both topical and orally for the next 4 months, they do not feel natural currently,is there anything i can do to speed up the recovery?

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See your surgeon about capsular contracture or massage

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You should have your surgeon examine you, as it could be capsular contracture. If this has been ruled out, ask your surgeon about performing massage exercises. Performed daily, this can help relax tissues. Best of luck.

Breast implant tightness may mean capsular contacture

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Although it is common for breast implants to feel tight and tender the first few weeks after surgery, it is rare for this to continue four months later.  This may be a sign of developing early capsular contracture which is a tightening of the lining and scar tissue the body normally forms around a breast implant.  This tightening can sometimes be reversed or prevented by regularly massaging your breasts and moving the implants around in their pocket two or three times a day until they are soft and freely mobile. This may be uncomfortable while your are doing the actual massage until it softens but usually helps in the the long run.  If this is not successful after several months, it may be necessary to surgically break up the capsule.   Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen can also help as well as other medications that your doctor may recommend.  Be patient and make sure you follow up with your surgeon so that  your breasts can be monitored. 

Tight breasts after augmentation

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Because the implants are under the muscle, it is normal that they feel tight after breast augmentation surgery. Usually, this settles in about a month, but it can certainly last longer. I would advice vigorous massage. Rub your breasts 2-3 times per day in a circular motion, up, down, and towards the middle. Lay on the floor and raise your arms above your head until they tough the floor. Place your arms on either side of an open doorway and push against it. Use moisturizer twice a day to the skin. A small dose of Valium at night may help relax the muscle. If your breasts are hard as well as tight, you may have some capsular contracture. Topical Castor oil (which you can buy at a pharmacy), can be applied twice a day. Oral asthma medicine, such as Singulair, may be helpful. Finally, a repeat surgery may be ultimately indicated, but I wouldn't even consider this until 6 months to a year after surgery.

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