Tightness and Banding 6 Months After Midfacelift and Necklift

6 mos. post midfacelift/necklift. I have bluish discoloration on skin flap, cold ears, nose and face. Sallow, pale skin and very uncomfortable tightness and banding in area from underneath chin up to temples. You can visually see where the muscles have been tightened. I look like a white chipmunk. My doc says all will improve with time, but things are getting worse, not better. I don't even look like myself anymore. Please help.

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Tightness and banding

At 6 months after surgery, your face should be coming into its own in terms of almost completely settling down.  If you are not happy, you should review this with your surgeon.

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Tightness and banding six months ater midfacelift

Midfacelift, facelift and neck lift are all performed to achieve tightness in specific areas and so on the one hand tightness is desired. The sensation of tightness as well is quite common directly after the procedure and then for weeks and months afterwards. Overall this is not a real concern. The appearance of tightness or banding after six months is an unusual occurrence and can be treated by a variety of direct measures. First, the direct visualization by an expert facelift surgeon can identify exactly what the tightness/banding issues are and what is causing them. Many times simple injections or massage can achieve resolution of the problem. Also, six months is a long time but more time is often times needed for specific areas or healing issues. Banding underneath the neck can be related to suture application and/or to persistent muscle/platysmal banding. This too can be remedied with injections, massage and in some cases repeat surgical treatment. Also injectables such as Restylane or fat can soften the appearance of banding when present.

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Tightness and Banding 6 Months after Facial Rejuvenation

When muscle tightening is done as part of facal rejuvenation, tightness may persist for several months. Your other concerns are not common; however follow the advice of your surgeon. A second opinion may put your mind at rest.

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Tightness after facelift

It sounds to me like you are experiencing a prolonged recovery.  This may be due to a number of factors, some of which are due to the technique used to perform your surgery and others which may be related to healing issues. Your best option is to express your concerns to your plastic surgeon and see what his response is.  At 6 months, you should be looking quite good and generally not be experiencing the symptoms that you outline.  If you are not happy with the explanation and care given to you be your surgeon, then it is entirely appropriate to seek a second opinion by a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in facial cosmetic surgery.

Jeffrey E. Kyllo, MD
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