Tightness After TT. When Can I Expect it to Go Away?

Hi there, I'm three weeks PO. Everything goes very well and i feel fine. I only wonder when this feeling of tightness will stop. My mid-section feel very hard and stiff. Almost like i swallowed a lumber or wooden plank my stomack. I like to dance and want to resume my dance classes, but i feel it's not going to work out like this. I don't even dare to try it. When can i expect for this tightness to go away? Thanks in advance. With kindest regards, Holantina

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Tightness after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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Thank you for your question.

You are still very early on in your recovery from your tummy tuck surgery. The tightness you are experiencing (from the muscle repair) sounds like part of normal recovery experince. As you recover and the swelling subsides, things will feel less "tight".  It may take months before you feel "completely normal" and up to dancing again.

Continue with your follow up appointments with your surgeon and follow his/her recommendations regarding activity after surgery.  Listen to your body and allow things to heal properly.

Best wishes.

Abdomen feels tight after TT

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Your description is normal. It will take about here month before you can feel completely normal. Though, there are less and less restrictions for you even from point.

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