How Long Will this Tight Feeling Last After Smart Lipo to Flanks and Abdomen?

I have extreme tightness around my core area where I had smart lipo (laser). I had the flanks, upper/lower abdomen, and waist done. I feel like I have a tight girdle on squeezing me tight. I am no longer wearing the compression 1 ½ weeks out. I have a hard time taking a deep breath due to scar tissue pressing against my diaphragm. Will the tightness go away?

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Recovery After Abdominal and Flank Smartlipo

Being less than two weeks after surgery, you are undoubtably experiencing some persistent swelling around all treated areas. Because the Smartlipo treatment involved much of your core area, it will cause the tightness that you are feeling. This tight feeling, at this point, is not scar tissue as it is too early for any such tissue reaction to have occurred in any significant amounts. It will take at least six weeks until much of this swelling and tissue edema resolves. But rest assured this feeling will pass but it is going to take more recovery time.

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