Does a Tightlaced Corset Rubbing Up Against my Breast Implant Every Day Wear It out Faster and Put Me at High Risk of Deflation?

Hi I wear a tightlacing corset for up to 8 hours a day. The corset seems to rub up against my breast implant a little because it is an underbust. Will this cause wear and tear on my saline implants and cause me to have a higher risk of deflation in a shorter period of time?

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Cause of deflation

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The causes for deflation are more related to issues pertaining to valve than trauma. 

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Corset Unlikely To Cause Deflation

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No one knows for sure the cause of a deflation usually.  Deflations of saline implants are, in my experience, rarely related to trauma.  They most commonly are related to a small defect which develops in the implant, usually at a seam.  For these reasons, I think that wearing a corset as you do is unlikely to cause or accelerate a leak.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Corset not a big risk for deflation

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I agree with the other surgeons. It is unlikely that the corset will be the cause of deflation-Most of the wear and tear will be on your skin and underlying breast tissue. So if they are ok, then the implant probably is too. Over time the implant will invariably fail (as do all man made objects), but there is no specific external activity linked to implant failure.


Daniel Medalie, MD

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